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INTL Win a $50 Visa Gift Card | The Uninvited by J.A. Templeton

The Uninvited

by J.A. Templeton

(The MacKinnon Legacy #1) 
Publication date: March 17th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

For readers who loved the international best-selling YA paranormal romance series, The MacKinnon Curse, here is a new spin-off series!

Madison Sinclair has a secret. She can see, hear and feel the dead.

At seventeen, Madison travels to Edinburgh to study and discovers that university is not the only adventure to be found there. The historic Scots city is a hotbed of paranormal activity and Madison’s talents and empathy are tested when she meets the spirit of a missing teen, Jaime.

Madison befriends Shane, a fellow student and very human charmer from her home town, who also knows a thing or two about ghosts and their ways.

Madison’s spirit friend, Jaime, has a flesh-and-blood brother. Haven is a sexy, tattooed bad boy with a dangerous reputation, but is drawn to Madison because of the enticing truth she could give him about his little sister.
Shane and Haven help Madison use her gifts to uncover the secrets surrounding Jaime’s disappearance, which puts Madison in danger from more than wayward spirits. The psychopath that killed Jaime now has Madison in his cross-hairs, and he has no intention of letting her reveal the truth.

THE UNINVITED is book one in The MacKinnon Legacy series and is intended for readers over 17+ due to language, sexual situations, and violence.


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About the author

J.A. Templeton is the YA/New Adult pen name for adult romance author Julia Templeton. A certified psychic medium, Julia enjoys research, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Married to her high school sweetheart, Julia calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest home.


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INTL Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card | Day One by Summer Lane

Day One

by Summer Lane

(Zero Trilogy, #2) 
Publication date: March 20th 2015
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult

The apocalypse took everything from Elle: her family, her world and now…her friends. After escaping the ravaged streets of Los Angeles, Elle finds herself stranded alone in California when her friends are kidnapped by a new and dangerous enemy. Determined to rescue them from a horrible fate, Elle begins her trek across the unforgiving desert, into the mountains, and into Slaver Territory.

All is not what it seems. Death lurks around every corner. Enemies are everywhere.
With the help of a new and brave companion, Elle fights against all odds, clinging to hope and life.

Day Zero is behind her. Day One is before her.

The end of the world is just beginning.

(The Second Installment in the Bestselling Zero Trilogy, a companion adventure story to The Collapse Series.)


About the author

Summer Lane is the author of the international bestselling Collapse Series and Zero Trilogy. She owns WB Publishing and Writing Belle, an online magazine dedicated to the Art of Storytelling. Summer is also an accomplished creative writing teacher and professional journalist. She lives in the Central Valley of California where she creates her stories and shares them with the world.

Q and A with Summer Lane

Where did the inspiration for The Zero Trilogy come from?

I can’t say that it simply hit me like a lightning bolt. The character of Elle was the first thing that slowly formed in my mind – and then the storyline came after. I was writing The Collapse Series at the time, and I had just released State of Pursuit. I saw Elle in my imagination and I started working on a couple of different versions of a Day Zero manuscript over the summer. By the time August was over, I had a pretty good rough draft of the novel.

What is your favorite part of being a writer?

Being my own boss, and being able to make a living out of telling stories. I’ve always been hyper-self-disciplined, so running a publishing house is right up my alley. I have about 2-3 major deadlines a week, and I love the pressure. It’s stressful, but it’s exciting. I am happiest when I’m working on something.

Any new or upcoming projects?

Yes! State of Vengeance (Collapse Series #6) releases on June 26th, 2015. A yet-untitled and brand new Collapse project will release in August 2015, and End of Day – the last installment in The Zero Trilogy – will release October 9th, 2015.

In 2016, I have an entirely new series coming out, as well as continuing Collapse and releasing a standalone novel featuring one of the hit characters from Cassidy Hart’s world.


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INTL Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card | The Space Between by Nikki Mathis Thompson

The Space Between

by Nikki Mathis Thompson

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Georgia Bristol’s life hasn’t turned out the way she’d imagined…but it’s a good life.
Despite that fact, she finds herself yearning for something she can’t define. Haunted by the choices of her youth.

Regrets. Everyone has them. What if? Everyone wonders at times.

Lost in town a few heartbeats shy of deserted, Georgia encounters a mysterious woman who gives her a second chance to regain the life she thought she missed out on.

Some say getting lost is the best way to find where you’re going. And sometimes everything must be stripped away before you realize that what you have, is what you wanted all along.
The Space Between is one woman’s unconventional journey to regain what she holds dear, filled with heartbreak, friendship, and love. A thought provoking tale that will have you relating to her struggles and celebrating her triumphs.


About the author

Nikki Mathis Thompson spent her formative years singing, dancing and creating her own world of make-believe. From an early age she developed a love of reading that has grown exponentially to near addiction. She has a business degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her degree looks great in the frame, but hasn't been utilized in years. She gladly left the cubicle life behind to raise her daughter and a son was added to the mix some years later. You can find her devouring a book while drinking a glass of wine, doing her part to save the planet or lip- synching to her favorite songs while running through her suburb. She lives outside of Dallas with her family. Rebound is her first novel.

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